• Vulcan by Romanos and MagicTao - Trick

Vulcan by Romanos and MagicTao - Trick

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Vulcan by Romanos and MagicTao - Trick

The ability to bend metal by just using the power of the mind has fascinated people since the early 1970's when the Israeli psychic, Uri Geller, demonstrated his amazing abilities.

This DVD teaches you how to bend metal, anywhere you choose, leaving your audience astonished by this fantastic paranormal experience.

You will learn an entire spoon bending routine involving interaction with spectators who will see spoons bend in their own hands! Romanos has been using this routine for a number of years; on stage, in close up situations and even on TV programmes. You will also learn how to bend spectators' coins in a variety of different ways leaving your audience astounded at what they can do! You will also learn 3 unique coin bends.

  • Vulcan - spoon bending routine where 3 spoons all bend in 3 different ways
  • Lighter Coin bend
  • Coin Bends cross
  • Coin Date bend

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