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The Rose by Bond Lee & Wenzi Magic - Trick

Now you can perform this astonishing effect!The magician magically produces a rose, then vanishes it..


Money, Money by Juan Pablo and Bazar de Magia - DVD

May you change this one dollar bill into a one hundred?... Sure we all have often heard this! To cha..


Space Time Blue (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Tom Elderfield - Trick

"This is by far my favorite take on the moving hole concept" - Shin Lim In the world of physics, the..


400 Lux by Kyle Littleton - DVD

Causing your money to multiply is, perhaps, the most iconic trick in magic. In the past you needed a..


Gone Deck by Shin Lim - Trick

A visual masterpiece designed by Shin Lim and Tom Elderfield is used as a closer to Shin's Encore Ac..


Contrast (DVD and Gimmick) by Victor Sanz and SansMinds - DVD

Contrast is a single card color change that you can do to a SIGNED and TORN card. The change is extr..


Mardi Gras Playing Cards (Limited Edition)

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Let the good times roll, y'all! This is a deck inspired by the annual ..


Balanced by Eric Ross - Trick

The performer hands the spectator three American coins for examination. A quarter, a dime, and a nic..


The Thor Deck by Magic Encarta - Trick

Includes 5 stunning solid steel playing cards in a custom box with silver printing ensuring multiple..


Contained by Jay Sankey - Trick

CONTAINED is a mind-blowing magic machine. Featuring 16 EFFECTS with playing cards, dollar bills, su..


Daniel Ka's Linking Ropes by Daniel Ka - Trick

A fresh new twist on the classic Linking Ropes.This version is Daniel Ka's adaptation of the Linking..


Dreamages Connection by Harvey Raft - Trick

THE ULTIMATE BOOK TEST!!!The performer reveals the NAME, ADDRESS and TELEPHONE NUMBER in the most un..


Monarch Playing Cards (Red) by theory11

New and improved - dressed in red. Gold foil, embossed, in a breathtaking box.The World's FinestPLAY..


Deck Switch by Astor - Trick

The magician reveals the deck switch secret to the spectator.He tells the spectator that magicians c..


Elastraflex - 1.0 Oz Bottle   by Joe Rindfleisch - Trick

Elastraflex works well with Joe Rindfleisch's Rainbow Rubber Bands to recoat or if you prefer, add m..


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