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100th Monkey Multi-Language(2 DVD Set with Gimmicks) by Chris Philpott - Trick
"Absolutely brilliant!" - Banachek "The 100th Monkey is not just a method; it's an adventure! You're..
21st Century Knight&#39s Tour by Lior Manor
The Chess Knight's Tour has a long and esteemed place in the history of magic and mentalism. Some..
21st Century Zener Super Deck by Harvey Raft - Trick
Rick Carruth of the Magic Road Show suggested to Harvey Raft that he assume theposition of the forem..
3 Card Canasta ( Color Varies )by Docc Hilford - Trick
In the early 1960s Chan Canasta was the master of apparent mind control. A recently discovered video..
ACAAN by Astor - Trick
A giant board is sitting on a table in FULL VIEW of the audience. The board shows the backs of 52 ca..
Affected By Berglas By Marc Paul
A magician’s dream effect! A pack of cards is fanned out and a spectator is asked to name any ..
Allens ESP Chip
The spectator freely selects any one of the five ESP symbols. The performer displays a Poker Chip, b..
Astor Epic by Astor
Astor Epicby AstorAstor Epic (No force Mental Epic) actually is the newest improved version of the M..
Bicycle Marked ESP Cards by Mayette Magie Moderne
Mayette Magie Moderne has had these ESP Cards specially made for you by The US Playing Card Company,..
Billet to the Brain (B2B) by LokI Kross DVD and Gimmick
"The method is diabolically clever and the effect on the audience is incredible. There is NO ..
Blind Fold Drive Bag
A black bag is handed to a spectator who is asked to place it over their head. They attest they ca..
Blindsight by Devin Knight
Blightsightby Devin KnightOne of the most talked about effects at the 2006 Mindvention. It virtually..
Booked by Steve Valentine - Trick
Have you ever performed a gaffed book test and had someone yell 'DO IT WITH MY BOOK!'? We..
Color Sight (with gimmicks) by Devin Knight - Trick
#11 In The Psychic Sight Series The magician or mentalist invites a participant up and shows him ..
Crystal Vision by Pieras Fitikides
Crystal Vision allows you to make on-the-spot predictions which will appear on a LAMINATED card..