• The Medal RED by Harry Robson & Matthew Wright - Trick

The Medal RED by Harry Robson & Matthew Wright - Trick

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The Medal RED by Harry Robson & Matthew Wright - Trick

It only takes a second to create a moment of magic... but that moment can last forever. Harry Robson has spent a lifetime in magic creating this moment, and for the first time has decided to share it with the magic community.

The Medal is a high quality, built-to-last prop that is perfect for all performing environments.

A medal is displayed in full view throughout the performance. It can be worn around your neck, the spectator's neck, laid on the table or even kept inside a box. A card is freely selected from the deck. It can be chosen by taking a card, looking at a card from a face-up spread, cutting the deck, counting down to a card... whatever way you prefer. The reverse side of the medal is now shown to be engraved with the selected card. It is really engraved (no semantics). The medal can now be handed out for examination.

Everything for the effect can be carried in a single pocket and can be reset in seconds.

Comes with everything you need to start performing straight away.

Very easy to do.

Bonus routines from FISM award winner Matthew Wright.

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