• Only-Four by Mott-Sun video DOWNLOAD

Only-Four by Mott-Sun video DOWNLOAD

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Only-Four by Mott-Sun video DOWNLOAD

Monster Mott-sun releases his no-gaff no-extra Chink-a-Chink routine.

The Monster has yet to be stopped. Mott-sun solves the difficult problem of using only four coins with an efficient method. The biggest thing this trick has going for it is that it is so practical. Mott-sun takes advantage of the no-gaff no-extra restrictions and turns it into a trick you can do with borrowed coins for those times when someone asks you to show something.

You don't even need a close-up mat, just any flat surface like a table, whether on carpet or hard floor. It's also virtually angle-proof so you can perform it surrounded. And it'll fool both magicians and non-magicians. With all this going for it, why would you not want to learn it? This will definitely go into your repertoire.

This routine has an interesting structure that you'll definitely want to study.

Don't miss this monster routine that has everything going for it.

Download the video and learn!

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