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RBTC (Rubber Band Through Card) by Chris Annable video DOWNLOAD

Amazing solid-thru-solid demonstration! Pierce a hole into a standard playing card or business card...


Parabox by Chris Annable video DOWNLOAD

Imagine the following: A card vanishes from the deck and reappears in the card box. A selection is p..


Clipnotize by Chris Annable video DOWNLOAD

Three great card routines that incorporate the use of a standard paperclip. This 40 minute multi-ang..


The Vault - Selenium Shift by Chris Severson and Shin Lim Presents video DOWNLOAD

The Best Card Control in Magic! "The Selenium Shift is the ClipShift of this generation. The best co..


At The Table December 2018 Subscription video DOWNLOAD

Come join us for a mind-bending experience, right here At The Table. If you can describe Hyunsoo Kim..


At The Table Live Menny Lindenfeld December 19, 2018 video DOWNLOAD

Menny Lindenfeld is back for his 2nd At The Table lecture. This encore performance features all new ..


At The Table Live Hyunsoo Kim December 5, 2018 video DOWNLOAD

If you can describe Hyunsoo Kim in one sentence, it would be "A teacher to all stage magicians of Ko..


Creepy Card 2.0 by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

A unique and visual rising card effect! In Creepy Card 2.0, your spectator selects a card and you pu..


Canivor by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

A soda can TAB is visually restored! Canivor is an effect where the audience sees you rip the soda c..



The performer shows a deck of cards freely and has a participant deal the cards face down, stopping ..


Fun Zone by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) video DOWNLOAD

Do you have to perform in front of children or do you want to animate a party? In this video, Amazo ..


ORION by Alessandro Criscione video DOWNLOAD

This is another beautiful coin routine from the mind of Alessandro Criscione. Imagine making a coin ..


The Vault - Belly Button by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

Paul Harris creates a hyper-personal astonishment with a standard campaign-type button... and the sp..


Andrus Card Control 4 by Jerry Andrus Taught by John Redmon video DOWNLOAD

The in-depth teaching of moves taught here in Volume 4 will allow you to begin to fully master and u..


Blowing Smoke by Juan Pablo Ibañez video DOWNLOAD

This is a complete routine that can be performed to music or as a parlor effect. It is made up of mo..


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