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Think of Card by Paul Roberts video DOWNLOAD

A spectator is asked to think of a card while another spectator selects a card from the deck. The ch..


At The Table September 2018 Subscription video DOWNLOAD

Pull up a seat for this one-of-a-kind experience At The Table! First up this month, the best coin ma..


At The Table Live Kimchi September 5, 2018 video DOWNLOAD

When people talk about the best coin magician in Korea, they talk about Kimchi. When first starting ..


That's Not It by Paul Roberts video DOWNLOAD

A jaw-dropping two-card transposition that occurs between two spectators and in their hands! Effect:..


Sure Fire Electric Chairs by Paul Roberts video DOWNLOAD

Here for the first time on download is Paul Roberts's version of the famous ELECTRIC CHAIRS routine...


Normal by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

The purpose of this release is to educate and keep our performers safe. This effect is the ultimate ..


At The Table Live Minhyoung Kim September 19, 2018 video DOWNLOAD

Minhyoung Kim seems like he is just absolutely out of his mind. Don't let that fool you! He's had ye..


Numbers Up by Paul Roberts video DOWNLOAD

Looking for an amazing way to reveal a selected, signed card? The spectator selects a card and signs..


Ring Flash by Paul Roberts video DOWNLOAD

Here's a magical and dramatic way to have a spectator's vanished ring reappear! A great effect by Wa..


The Vault - Fizz Master by Paul Harris and Eric Mead video DOWNLOAD

The ultimate gimmick-free miracle for close-up and stage! Two completely ordinary, unopened cans of ..


Lightening Chop Cup by Paul Roberts video DOWNLOAD

Want to get WOW reactions? Looking for a fabulous Chop Cup routine? Here's Paul's take on a classic ..


One Handed Triumph by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD

If you're looking for a card trick that screams the word, "Classic," and has stood the test of time,..


Sleepless Nights by Bill Citino eBook DOWNLOAD

Sleepless Nights is Bill's first major release since his 2008 book, COINsomnia - The Random Conjurin..


IN-VELOPE by Stefanus Alexander video DOWNLOAD

Solid Through Solid effects are so visual and magical -- they make spectators speechless. Here's a n..


Devils Pad by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

Looking for an eerie way to reveal a prediction? A pad opens BY ITSELF on your spectator's hand!Your..


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