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The Fortuitous ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

A virtually self-working ACAAN with plenty of audience involvement. We all know whenever the audienc..


Legerdemain by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) video DOWNLOAD

In this video, you'll discover four incredible masterpieces of card manipulation. For the first time..


Duragoun & Optimus Display by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

Many of us enjoy performing Card Flourishes because they are a challenge to display. They look cool,..


One Fly by Alessandro Criscione video DOWNLOAD

Hey guys! This is my favorite routine taken from "Systema", partially modified by me. I prefer this ..


Move N Stiff by Arif Illusionist video DOWNLOAD

Here's a great way to present a magic illusion in front of a close-up audience. Take a headset and c..


Split Gum by Arif Illusionist video DOWNLOAD

Now you can perform a major magic illusion in a close-up setting. Your audience watches as a package..


Da Vinci Vanish by Leonardo Burroni and Medusa magic video DOWNLOAD

The Da Vinci Vanish is here! Probably one of the most incredible coin vanishes you've ever seen! Ima..


The Vault - ShinSplint 2.0 by Shin Lim video DOWNLOAD

Four Aces turn face-down, one by one, each in a more stunning manner than the last; all done with ju..


The Vault - CAVINI by Kevin Li video DOWNLOAD

A Stunning, Modern Color Change! Kevin Li takes the classic Cardini change to new heights with his b..


Dual by Alessandro Criscione video DOWNLOAD

The magician shows a completely normal deck of cards. He then lets the spectator shuffle the cards a..


At The Table April 2019 Subscription video DOWNLOAD

First up this month you might remember his strange name from Palms of Steel or the New York Coin Mag..


At The Table Live Lecture Erik Tait April 17th 2019 video DOWNLOAD

Erik Tait came to the attention of the magic community when he won the 2018 IBM Gold Cups Close Up C..


At The Table Live Lecture Kainoa Harbottle April 3rd 2019 video DOWNLOAD

You might remember his strange name from Palms of Steel or the New York Coin Magic Symposiums, seen ..


STRATAGEM by Abhinav Bothra video DOWNLOAD

Stratagem is a 3 phase modular routine using a regular pack of playing cards. It is easy enough for ..


FLICKER by Yugi Howen video DOWNLOAD

FLICKER is a visual effect that will astound your audience! Borrow your spectator's bill. Sign it. F..


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