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Suprehand by Vuanh video DOWNLOAD

Imagine the following. You show a normal pen and your empty hands to your spectators. You then magic..


Visible Linking Jelly Sweet Gummy Finger Rings by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

The short demonstration video says it all really. Quite simply, the audience sees you take two Gummy..



SURREALCHEMY is a term that was coined by Tony 'Doc' Sheils in his 1989 publication, "The Cantrip Co..


Apple JACK'd by Nuvo Design Co. video DOWNLOAD

The perfect method for jacking a new Apple watch right off a spectator's wrist without them knowing ..


OPiN by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

Magic creator Matt Pilcher brings you an outstanding new effect from his creative genius mind. EFFEC..


Headline Prediction Plus by Prasanth Edamana video DOWNLOAD

Headline Prediction Plus! Positive Points The spectator himself can take the prediction from the sec..


ROGUE Easy To Do Mentalism with Cards by Steven Palmer video DOWNLOAD

Bigblindmedia presents ROGUE - Easy to Do Mentalism with Cards by Steven Palmer (BBM186) On ROGUE St..


The Vault - Linking Cigarettes by Akira Fujii video DOWNLOAD

Looks as astonishingly real as it can get! The performer holds a borrowed cigarette (or a small twig..


TEENS by Charlie Imperial video DOWNLOAD

TEENS is an amazing collection of coin sleights and routines modified for the new age of magic. Each..


Colin Underwood: Street Smart Magic Series - Episode 1 by DL Productions (South Africa) video DOWNLOAD

In this exciting new HD download series, Colin Underwood shares his handlings on some of the classic..


COALESCE by Abhinav Bothra eBook DOWNLOAD

COALESCE is a scripted 30-minute act of PREDICTION, PSEUDO-HYPNOSIS, and MIND READING (both by the p..


The Vault - Four X Four by Harry Lorayne video DOWNLOAD

The ultimate mind reading lie detector or poker tell demonstration! Read the minds of four spectator..


X-Ring by Okadino video DOWNLOAD

After 2 years in the making, Okadino is now ready to share his latest creation. X-Ring is visual rin..


GUMERANG by Magik Time and Alex Aparicio Presented by Chaco Yaris video DOWNLOAD

A new way to play with chewing gum that you will enjoy. Surprise your friends with your gum, using i..


At The Table October 2018 Subscription video DOWNLOAD

Come join us for an amazing experience of international magicians, At The Table! First up this month..


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