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Eat Me by G Sparks - video DOWNLOAD

Eat Me, an impromptu multiplying napkin ball.You pick up a single napkin and make it into a ball. Su..


The Vault - Rock Paper Lies Plus by Jay Di Biase video DOWNLOAD

A classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game... gone mental! Jay Di's propless mentalism masterpiece just go..


SUPERBOWL by Matt Pilcher video Download

SUPERBOWL by Matt Pilcher is an incredibly unique take on a prediction effect. First, an envelope wi..


The Vault - Solid With Happy Ending by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

A hidden gem from the True Astonishments box set. Paul's completely new method for the classic Solid..


At The Table January 2019 Subscription video DOWNLOAD

Pull up a seat and experience these spine-tingling lecturers, right here At The Table. The Other Bro..


At The Table Live Lecture Eric Stevens January 16th 2019 video DOWNLOAD

"Eric Stevens has all the qualities of a new star of magic. Pay attention to his talents; he is goin..


At The Table Live Lecture The Other Brothers January 2nd 2019 video DOWNLOAD

The Other Brothers are back! Over the last few years their meteoric rise has catapulted them into be..


The Vault - Refraction by Nacho Mancilla video DOWNLOAD

A card change that happens slowly and right in front of their eyes! Your spectator has chosen a card..


Blend by Julio Montoro video DOWNLOAD

With Blend, you will be able to perform a visual gem using just a pack of chewing gum. You can give ..


Freedom by Elexa Curtis, Esya G and Arief Nugroho video DOWNLOAD

Your headphones melt through your hand! An amazing, easy-to-do penetration effect with your normal h..


The Vault - A.E.2.0 by Peter Eggink video DOWNLOAD

Power demonstration of solid-thru-solid! Effect The magician borrows a bill from the spectator. The ..


The Writing Traveler by Frederick Hoffmann video DOWNLOAD

A blank business card is selected and folded in half. It is clipped and handed to the spectator to h..


Patriot Copper Silver by Paul Andrich video DOWNLOAD

A fast, visual coin routine like no other! The copper and silver coins change places instantly! Easy..


Ghost Touch by Alfred Dexter Dockstader video DOWNLOAD

Ghost Touch is telekinetic effect using any water bottle - the cap pops off in a ghostly manner! Wha..


10 Years of Steve Spill 1980 - 1990 by Steve Spill video DOWNLOAD

The Best of Steve Spill Video Scrap Book (1987) and Hokum & Hype (1991) Collector's Edition plus pre..


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