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Collectors 1 by Eric Chien - video DOWNLOAD

FISM winner Eric Chien's take on the Collectors plot. A card is selected and placed between the two ..


Reversed by Stefanus Alexander - video DOWNLOAD

This is genius! REVERSED is an unbelievable TORN n RESTORED Effect created by Stefanus Alexander You..


Andrus Card Control 6 by Jerry Andrus Taught by John Redmon video DOWNLOAD

Vol 6 of Andrus Card Control teaches the Ginza Shift for controlling multiple cards to the top, bott..


The Vault - New Leaf by Bro Gilbert and Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

An ingenious organic piece of strange! This new version of Leaf moves into the spectator's hands com..


657 by Matt Pilcher eBook DOWNLOAD

Matt Pilcher has become synonymous with creative card magic, and his latest project, 657, is a true ..


Markson by Priyanshu Goel video DOWNLOAD

Hello everyone! It's me, Priyanshu Goel, presenting you with a brand new trick called MARKSON. It's ..


Wormhole by Dan Tudor video DOWNLOAD

A card is freely selected by the spectator (IT CAN EVEN BE SIGNED) and then lost back in the deck. A..


Twins + Melted by Dan Tudor video DOWNLOAD

Two effects which, when combined together, create an amazing ROUTINE! Twins: A card is selected by t..


The 10/10 Project by Dan Tudor video DOWNLOAD

10 INCREDIBLE effects with an ordinary deck of cards! Double Prediction - A selected card is PREDICT..


Perfect Ending by Dan Tudor - video DOWNLOAD

An IMPOSSIBLE way to end ANY show! Imagine being able to have a card selected and returned back into..


Double Prediction by Dan Tudor video DOWNLOAD

Predict two playing cards WITHOUT any sort of gimmick whatsoever! Every mentalist's dream! IMAGINE b..


Streamlined Newspaper Prediction by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD

The HOLY GRAIL of all newspaper tear predictions. Even Al Koran would have been amazed, if he knew o..


The Vault - Four Card Shoot by Eric Chien video DOWNLOAD

FISM winner Eric Chien teaches you his lighting-fast four-card production! Sometimes you need to sho..


Gifted by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

A very visual effect! A coin vanishes and is instantly found inside a pouch! Imagine throwing a coin..


Confused by Alessandro Criscione video DOWNLOAD

This is my new effect that will confuse many people. Imagine having a card selected and placing it u..


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