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IG Series Episode 1: Sultan Orazaly's Border video DOWNLOAD

Nowadays, there are more than ten thousand consumers of magic tricks; they are none other than worke..


Behind My Back REVAMPED by Abhinav Bothra Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

Behind My Back was originally published back in 2014. Since then, it has undergone quite a few chang..


The Vault - The False Shuffles and Cuts Project by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD

There is nothing more valuable in the card magician's arsenal than the ability to convince your audi..


THE BIOLOGY OF HYPNOSIS - The Neuroscience of Mind Body Healing by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

WARNING - The use of extremely strong language, adult themes, and (for some) shocking visual imagery..


The Vault - The Red Pill by Chris Ramsay video DOWNLOAD

"Chris has given this a lot of thought and every move worked out. A card routine that people will re..


Masterclass Vol.3 eBook DOWNLOAD

Every four years, we like to publish a collection of all the great magic that has appeared during th..


Masterclass Vol.2 eBook DOWNLOAD

This nicely produced eBook contains all 56 Masterclass effects taken from volumes 5-8 of Magicseen. ..


Masterclass Vol.1 eBook DOWNLOAD

Although Magicseen Magazine is primarily a features publication rather than a tricks magazine, it do..


Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection eBook DOWNLOAD

This eBook contains virtually every magic effect Wayne published up to 2011, and all have the hallma..


The Man Who Would Be King by Andrew Normansell eBook DOWNLOAD

Magicseen is pleased to announce the release of an eBook featuring the magical thoughts and routines..


Best Of British eBook DOWNLOAD

Right from its first issue, Magicseen Magazine has sought to showcase talent from the UK, talent tha..


Roulette by Chris Rawlins eBook DOWNLOAD

Author Chris Rawlins is a young, inventive mentalist who just loves to share his work and ideas with..


Occulus by Fraser Parker eBook DOWNLOAD

Occlus is a childishly simple, prop-less date of birth revelation. Yet, it's another break-through m..


Crafted With Carey by John Carey eBook DOWNLOAD

Running to almost 200 pages and with photo illustrations, this book is a treasure trove of to-the-po..


A Lifetime In Magic Vol.2 eBook DOWNLOAD

Volume 2 continues where Volume 1 left off, with detailed explanations for over 20 Devin Knight mast..


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