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Secret by D.Galdot video DOWNLOAD

Imagine the following. You BLINDFOLD yourself for this effect - no peeking! Your spectator freely se..


The Mystery Card by Henry Wallace video DOWNLOAD

Henry Wallace from Area52 has finally shared with the world his beautiful routine, "The Mystery Card..


Escalators by Peter Turner Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

This project is a digital video download containing 10 routines and more than 50 videos. These are t..


Dealing With It Season 2 by John Bannon video DOWNLOAD

"Dealing With It 2 is yet another outstanding collection of incredibly strong and oh so practical ca..


The Impossible Coin in Bottle by Ray Roch Ebook DOWNLOAD

A very well-constructed method and routine for the classic Coin in the Bottle effect, using a solid ..


CANDY CRASH by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

Imagine this. You put a real Tic Tac mint into your spectator's hand. Using the power of your mind, ..


P.O.K. (Pieces of Knowledge) by Francis Girola eBook DOWNLOAD

"For the casual performer this is gold. I loved this. Beware that these are OPPORTUNISTIC methods. T..


Liquid Coin by Arnel Renegado - video DOWNLOAD

An Amazing demonstration of solid-thru-solid! Borrow a coin and have your spectator sign it. Then, m..


The Vault - Endless Chain (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

Something Totally Different! The underground con game known as the Endless Chain has its roots in an..


Stubborn Card by Pavatzoglou Alexander video DOWNLOAD

What if you could make a freely chosen card rise from your palm and be suspended from your fingertip..


The Vault - Matrix Elements by Patricio Terán video DOWNLOAD

5 Unbelievable Matrix Effects from the Master! "Patricio Terán's hands tell beautiful lies. They cre..


Minthru by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

A magical demonstration of solid thru solid! Imagine the following. Show a Tic Tac mint and put it o..


Touchable by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

Touchable is a new development in the Moving Ink effect, using a unique material that makes the movi..


Labelled Evolution by Ben Williams - video DOWNLOAD

Labelled Evolution is all of Ben Williams's best work to date on the Label Inside Bottle illusion. W..


The Scouter by Alexander Pavatzoglou - video DOWNLOAD

5 spectators choose 5 cards each from a deck of cards previously shuffled by them. Each chooses only..


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