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STABLE by Ocean Van video DOWNLOAD

Created by Ocean Van, STABLE is a very simple, yet amazing, trick. You can make a deck of cards bala..


The Vault - The Subliminal Game by Jay Di Biase video DOWNLOAD

Control their mind! A two-phase routine presented as a test regarding subliminal messages.Two predic..


Mister King by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

Many people like sandwich routines - so do I! This is my original sandwich routine effect. It stuns ..


3X3 by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD

In this download, you will learn three effects using three cards from the mind of Mario Tarasini. Th..


Let's Take A Breather by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

The Breather Crimp is a "tool" used by many Pro magicians to fool OTHER magicians! Learn all about t..


The Magic of Michael Skinner by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

Many have said that Mike Skinner was the greatest magician of all time! Included is a Forward by my ..


IG Series Episode 2: Sultan Orazaly's From Nowhere video DOWNLOAD

Nowadays, there are more than ten thousand consumers of magic tricks; they are none other than worke..


Close Up Journey III by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

Tantalizing effects, with an introduction containing ideas, lines, and concepts for the close-up per..


Close Up Journey II by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

This eBook teaches you fabulous effects, plus it has an essay, "How Do I Control My Spectators?" In ..


Close Up Journey I by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

Coin Opener - A terrific and easy-to-do coin routine that will have the kids (and adults!) laughing ..


The Survivor by Alexander Pavatzoglou video DOWNLOAD

The magician makes a prediction. He seals it inside of an envelope, which stays in full view the ent..


Private Medium & Fortune Tellers Secret Psychic Cold Reading Notebooks by Nathan Demdyke Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

Collected and compiled by Nathan Demdyke, this download package includes a photo illustrated PDF eBo..


Kido by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

Imagine this -- with just a shake, you can make any writing or drawing appear on your phone screen. ..


SINK HOLE by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

SINK HOLE is a gimmick that allows you to penetrate a Sharpie right into the face of the card visual..


Royle Mentalist, Mind Reader & Psychic Entertainer Live by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

Rarely do top mentalism professionals release videos of their entire working performances, but that ..


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