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Section C Surgery by Monowar video DOWNLOAD

A borrowed bill is folded and as you rub the bill against a card, it starts to penetrate through the..


Holewitch by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD

Imagine having two 'holed cards' that can do an incredible sandwich. A signed card from your spectat..


The Vault - Harlequin by Eric Jones video DOWNLOAD

A sandwich routine with a killer surprise ending! Eric Jones has an eye for creating easy to underst..


At The Table Live Lecture Think Nguyen June 5th 2019 video DOWNLOAD

"One of the best card guys I've ever seen. Think never ceases to surprise and inspire me." - Ollie M..


At The Table Live Lecture Nicholas Lawrence June 19th 2019 video DOWNLOAD

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Nicholas Lawrence has been obsessed with magic for the last 20 ye..


At The Table June 2019 Subscription video DOWNLOAD

First up this month we have Think Nguyen, who is known for his minimalistic, powerful, and creative ..


Vanish 0.5 by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD

This is the simplest and most visual disappearance of a coin. Looks astonishing! As can be seen in t..


The Puzzle Dice Solution by Arif illusionist video DOWNLOAD

A mental prediction and magical puzzle all in one! Show your spectator a die for examination, and al..


The Vault - Oil Unrigged by Jordan Cotler and Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD

"This routine is a KILLER." - David Solomon Jordan Cotler's 'Oil Unrigged' is a beautiful four phase..


A CLOSE UP SHOW! by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

A Close Up Show! is a package deal... three excellent routines that have been "routined" together to..


The Exchange by Arif illusionist video DOWNLOAD

An incredibly simple, yet deceptive, method for swapping and switching with ordinary objects. Perfor..


T.A.P. The Automatic Prediction by Abhinav Bothra Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

21st Century Playing Card Prediction without using playing cards! The performer, caught without prop..


TIPTOP 2.0 by Esya G video DOWNLOAD

You've never seen this... until now! Here's a stunning balance of a pencil and a card deck. Uses a b..


Bandcuffs by KT video DOWNLOAD

In this download, KT shows you a new and faster way to perform the classic rubber bands effect, Craz..


PORTAL by Antonio Martinez video DOWNLOAD

Imagine having the ability to teleport the spectator's selected card using the card box as a portal...


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