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David's ESP Trick 2.0 by Jorge Mena video DOWNLOAD

In magic, there is nothing as powerful as having the magic take place in the hands of the spectator...


Coin Leap by Chiharu video DOWNLOAD

"Coin Leap has some really ingenious moves and routining that make it really intriguing and stimulat..


Raging Wave Shuffle by NOJIMA video DOWNLOAD

This shocking Triumph comes from NOJIMA, the guy who made raves with C3, a revolutionary new color c..


Between by David Devlin and AMG Magic video DOWNLOAD

If you're looking for a card trick with a powerful closing and a kicker to boot, it is Between! A tr..


vACAANt by Pravar Jain video DOWNLOAD

3 ACAAN methods, modifications and tweaks that you will love from the minds of two magicians. Pravar..


Tic Tac Mini + Riptac 2.0 by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

Tic Tac Mini is an effect where you rip the label of a Tic Tac box. With a slight wave of your hand,..


TIMELINE by Abhinav Bothra eBook DOWNLOAD

Presentation and Script are the key elements that differentiate an amateur from a professional, hobb..


CAANTASTIC by Abhinav Bothra eBook DOWNLOAD

For decades, magicians have been on a quest to perform Any Card At Any Number from a borrowed and sh..


Labellize by Arnel Renegado - video DOWNLOAD

A miracle that fits in your pocket! This is LABELIZE!Show a tic tac mint box. Wave or rub the logo. ..


The Boston Tea Party by David Devlin and AMG Magic video DOWNLOAD

A mystifying coin routine! The Boston Tea Party is a coin routine in which a copper English penny tr..


The Vault - Laws of Attraction by Shoot Ogawa video DOWNLOAD

No Magnets. No Strings. No Tape. Ungimmicked magic at its finest! Shoot will teach you to "magnetize..


M.O.Angle by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD

M.O.Angle is a super visual torn-and-restored card effect. While many effects in the magic world dea..


Pilcher's Sniper by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

OKAY... SO... How would you cut directly to a spectator's card? Or a four of a kind? Or a winning po..


Hold the Mayo by Keelan Wendorf video DOWNLOAD

A new, simple sandwich effect with a fun and visually deceptive revelation within a spread. The spre..


The Vault - No Smoking Zone by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD

It seems that just about no matter where you go, you can't smoke a cigarette. Why not turn this into..


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