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The Vault - Retorn by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

A clean, quick and practical ripped and restored card! Perfect and practical for both live performan..


Project Straw by Brandon David & Chris Turchi video DOWNLOAD

Drink your fill of 10 hyper-visual effects all done with an everyday organic object! In this refresh..


DEFORM by Mario Tarasini & Esya G video DOWNLOAD

Introducing, the damage card effect from the creator of Card Flex & Quicksilver, Mario Tarasini... T..


Magic Variety Pack I by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

"Paul gives us his personalized handlings from the repertoire of a worker. This is a bargain for an..


Magic Variety Pack II by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

MAGIC VARIETY PACK 2 (Curtain Call Encore!) This is a sequel to the e-book, MAGIC VARIETY PACK! "Mag..


Re8 by Doan video DOWNLOAD

A rubber band is shown, cut open - and restored magically with just a finger flick. It's Re8. Downlo..


IGB Project Episode 2: Instant Loop by Doan & Rubber Miracle Presents video DOWNLOAD

IGB Project is a series of 'Social Media Rubber Band Magic' from Doan and Rubber Miracle. In this se..


CTB by Monowar video DOWNLOAD

Show a card box, and borrow a coin that is later signed on both sides. You show the box empty and ev..


FREE v2.0 by Stefanus Alexander video DOWNLOAD

Stefanus Alexander is back... The creator of "Infinity Box," "Insert," "IN-VELOPE," "No Thing,' and ..


Baffled by Vinny Sagoo video DOWNLOAD

A self-contained mental MIRACLE with BAFFLING results! You shuffle a deck of cards and 4 cards are f..


The Vault - Triumph Volume 1 video DOWNLOAD

The real work on the Triumph plot taught to you by the performers closest to the secret. If card mag..


Arc Angel by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

An angel visually comes to life. Imagine the following. Your spectator chooses a card and you ask, "..


IGB Project Episode 1: Bandrop by Doan & Rubber Miracle Presents video DOWNLOAD

IGB Project is a series of 'Social Media Rubber Band Magic' from Rubber Miracle. In this first episo..


Don't Fear the Faro with James Went video DOWNLOAD

Nothing is guaranteed to strike fear into the trainee magician's heart more than the words 'and then..


Magic Tools Of The Trade by Paul Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

Become a real sleight of hand expert 10 VIDEOS to make these sleights easy to understand! PLUS 12 ex..


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