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Neo Sandwich by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

Most magicians like to perform card sandwich effects. This is my favorite sandwich routine - it's ca..



"SIMPLY SPECTACULAR MENTALISM!" - FREDERICK THE MAGNIFICENT Although this effect is performed as a g..


SAID-ATION by Harvey Raft eBook DOWNLOAD

"This concept is brilliant!" - JOHN CORLANDER Although this effect is performed as a great mentalism..


DE(A)L-IRIUM by Harvey Raft eBook DOWNLOAD

"The moment I saw this, I knew it was going to be a great effect for my act." - David Lew (DJAY THE ..


Stranger by Alfred Dockstader video DOWNLOAD

A haunting effect with a pack of gum! You show a pack of gum and push it back into the gum wrapper s..


The Fog by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

The Fog is a mysterious and unique way to reveal a signed or any chosen card! Imagine this. You ask ..


The Vault - The Magic Man Project (Volume 1 Rubber Bands) by Andrew Eland video DOWNLOAD

In this electrifying new HD download series, Magic Man shares two of his favorite rubber band routin..


PLASTIC SURGERY by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

A plastic bottle is burned and heals by itself! Imagine asking your spectator to burn the plastic bo..



Stunning balance of a Sharpie marker and a card deck. Of course, with a unique method! No magnet No ..


Psychic Card Revelations by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD

Effect: Two people each select a card. The performer then shuffles the deck by giving it a riffle sh..


INKredible by David Luu video DOWNLOAD

The INK visually jumps to another card. Looks like a camera trick, but it's not! INKredible is a uti..


M.O.Phoenix by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD

Adding fire to your magic makes for some of the most astounding and beautiful effects. Imagine placi..


Royal De Math by Lars La Ville video DOWNLOAD

Here is a series of mind-boggling spelling effects with cards and items. 1: Royal De Math The cards ..


DJ in der Tasche (DJ in my Pocket) English/ German versions included by Christian Lavey eBook DOWNLOAD

Have full control of your music during your performance! Many entertainers are looking for a reliabl..


The Social Prediction by Debjit Magic video DOWNLOAD

The Social Prediction has fooled the best minds in mentalism and now Debjit has finally decided to s..


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