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Auto Dove to Silk by Tora Magic - Trick

After making a dove appear, the magician puts it inside an elegant box with a transparent side. The ..


Fire to Colorful Vases (4 Times) by Tora Magic - Trick

An audience pleaser! The magician shows a flowerpot to the audience. In his other hand he has a wand..


Balloon/Fire Dove Tray by Tora Magic - Trick

This ingenious piece of apparatus is designed for 2 very different magical presentations: You can ei..


Blooming Bouquet (5 Blooms) by Tora Magic - Trick

A beautiful, colorful bouquet possessing five large flowers is seen in the magician's hand. He indiv..


Doves on Sword in Glass Cube by Tora Magic - Trick

The magician shows an empty glass box and sword to the audience. After passing the sword through the..


Magical Juice Menu by Tora Magic - Trick

Show a juice menu book and open several of the pages to display photographs of the tasty juices avai..


Mental Doll by Tora Magic - Trick

You show four holders, each holding a picture of a doll with a different colored dress. You ask a ch..


Fancy Trick Box by Tora Magic - Trick

Magician shows an antique looking box to the audience. It has a glassy drawer inside, revealing that..


Rabbit Table by Tora Magic - Trick

A beautiful stage-size table. This foldable table is the most amusing new table you have seen in yea..


Magic Table (High Gloss) by Tora Magic - Trick

Here's a magician's table ON WHEELS - perfect for walk-around situations when you wish to bring your..


New Zip Bag by Tora Magic - Trick

We do not need to tell you how versatile the classic one-hand change bag is. Many of you already use..


Impressive Split Dice by Tora Magic - Trick

Great VISUAL magic! Show a giant die resting on a pedestal. Place a cover over the die, remove the c..


Fire Wallet by Tora Magic - Trick

The magician displays a wallet to audience and opens it to show its contents. All seems normal. He c..


Dress Changing Doll by Tora Magic - Trick

The magician shows a doll inside its box wearing a white dress. This is not a regular doll but a str..


Wooden Production Box by Tora Magic - Trick

Produce objects magically in the blink of an eye! This beautiful box allows you, the magician, to pe..


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