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Bicycle Panda Deck by US Playing Card Co.
People love their pandas-the endangered black-and-white mammal is perhaps the most recognizable cons..
Bicycle Luchadores Deck by US Playing Card Co.
This deck celebrates the culture of Lucha Libre, a type of wrestling with roots in Mexico but popula..
Mystic Wand by Joker Magic
The magician shows the audience a small black magic wand and a large cube. In the middle of the cube..
The Topit Book 2.0 by Michael Ammar - Book
Imagine the power to make almost anything in your hands disappear. Being able to make almost anythin..
Alphatizes (Alphabet Cards) by Lee Earl
Alphabet cards have lately been harder to find than honest politicians. Now, they are available agai..
Pro Cardistry: New April Fools Deck 2014 by Handlordz, LLC
New April Fools Deck EXPOSED! Cardistry Professionals = Angry Pussies! This amazing new deck was..
Bicycle Old Masters Playing Cards (Numbered Limited Edition Tuck and back card) by Collectable Playing Cards
Limited Edition - Only 2800 numbered decks. Old Masters playing cards - Johnny Whaam brings you a co..
Asrah Illusion by Tora Magic
This item is more qualified that the previous model and will amaze your audience. Your audien..
Magic Magazine May 2014
The Magic Show: Forty Years LaterBy John Harrison and Alan HowardMay 1974 saw the opening of a Broad..
Power Levitation by Peyman
Are you tired and exhausted of carrying different heavy illusions for a show?Transportation, managem..
Geeking Galliun Gaffs & Gimmicks by Shawn Evans - Book
This book is for the thoughtful magicians, playful pranksters and the curious minded individuals who..
Coin Collector by Mark Lee
The magician informs his audience that as a youngster he used to collect coins.He introduces a small..
Quality Brown Bee (Rare/Out of Print) USPCC
Collector's Edition Quality Brown Playing Cards. Made according to the 1970s casino-style, re..
Appearing Pole 8ft. (dark) by Wood Crafters
The Appearing Pole is an amazing 8 feet long! This pole come in a dark finish great item for any mag..
Mirage (Blue) by Mickael Chatelain
Mickael is well known for his new automatic and visual effects. MIRAGE your viewers with a li..