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No Sense (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Kyle Littleton - Trick

No Sense by Kyle Littleton is a coin effect of the finest caliber. Not only is the magic strong, but..


Multiplying Milk Bottles by Tora Magic

Magic and comedy all in one! These very realistic-looking bottles are of very high quality and are m..


Paper Fold Prediction by Sean Yang - Trick

With only two pieces of paper, you can perform this miracle! The Paper Fold Prediction is a trick th..


6 and 9 by Sean Yang - Trick

6+6 = 12 9+9 = 18 6+9 = What comes to your mind? 6 and 9 is a packet trick made out of simple math e..


Oh Snap! by Mark Strivings - Trick

I've been doing this for 20 years and it has never failed to garner strong reaction wherever it is s..


The Master Billet Index Package by Mark Strivings - Trick

The best-built and most widely-used billet indexes in the world of mentalism can now be yours. Based..


Mobile Mentalism Volume II by Mark Strivings - Trick

The dynamite follow-up to one of the most important new developments in modern mentalism. Continuing..


Mobile Mentalism by Mark Strivings - Trick

Practical mentalism for the next millennium and beyond... If you perform close-up at all, you need t..


Warm Fuzzies Up Close by Mark Strivings - Trick

Five "ESP Compatibility Test Cards" are shown, each with a different colored spot on the back. They ..


Par-Optic Plus by Mark Strivings with Additional Ideas from Larry Becker and Docc Hilford - Trick

An updated Annemann classic! A deck is shown and shuffled. Three cards are selected sight unseen and..


Crimped Coincidence by Mark Strivings - Trick

The performer brings out a red and a blue deck of cards, each in their own case. A spectator is offe..


SPARK by CIGMA Magic - Trick

SPARK, a miniature ignition device, can be easily hidden in almost any place desired, even behind ca..


Ultimate Tossed Out Deck (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Himitsu Magic - Trick

The effect of the Ultimate Tossed Out Deck is to throw the cards out into the audience and ask peopl..



These very realistic-looking bottles are very high quality and are made from aluminium. This set inc..


Head Fire by Tora Magic - Trick

The assistant is sitting in a chair. Next to her is an empty tube sitting on a pedestal. The tube is..


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