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Fire Book by Tora Magic - Trick
Produced and Designed by Tora Magic CompanyAn astonishing item! Can be used both in grim or funny pr..
Fire Torch by Tora Magic - Trick
This is an unbelievable item designed and produced by Tora Magic Company Place the head of yo..
Arsy Varsy Bottle by Tora Magic
Display a lovely bottle and cover it with a tube. With a magical gesture, raise the tube to reve..
Fire Newspaper by Tora Magic
This is an astonishing item! This product can be used in both grim or funny programs. open a..
Flower Crystals From Frame (Two) by Tora
You show an empty black frame that folds flat and has nothing hidden inside it. Yet, when you o..
Magic Crystal Cube 4 by Tora Magic
  It's rare to find new, original and COMPLETE routines that are ready to add into y..
Appearing Billiard Stick by Tora Magic
This high quality production item from Tora Magic is ideal for either a themed act or simply as ..
Flower Pan 777 (includes Flowers, etc.) by Tora Magic
Take your dove pan to the next level. You will notice some key differences in this beautiful ..
Wand to Flower Table by Tora Magic
At any time in the act, the magician picks up a gleaming cane and spins it in his hands. He sta..
Back of Tora Cube w/ DVD by Tora Magic
There is a small cube and a big box on the table. The most important and great point is that, w..
Special Disappearing Dice w/ DVD by Tora Magic
The performer picks a big black die (9 x 9-inches) up from its base and turns it around showing..
Surprising Dove Box - Tora
There is a box on the magicians table which is made of three sections. Left and right sections are m..
Imagine being able to magically produce 8 wooden, handcrafted birdcages from an empty frame! Al..
Dynamite Dice Box w/ DVD - Tora
The magician opens all of the doors of the dice boxes, top and bottom. He shows the empty boxe..
Dove Picture to Real Dove - Tora
The magician shows the picture of a very beautiful dove on the trees to the spectators. In a b..