John Kennedy Magic

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Haunted Die By John Kennedy
Six cards are removed from any deck, then a spectator freely selects one. You shuffle them and lay t..
Z-Webs By John Kennedy
Z-Webs is an invisible thread dispenser that you carry around in your pocket. It is definitely not a..
Dream Paddle By John Kennedy
  Forget everything you always knew about paddle tricks and get ready for a 1-2-3 knockout pun..
Double Whammy By John Kennedy
A spectator shakes three colored dice inside a coffee cup, then peeks inside and announces the total..
Borrow a dollar bill as you bring out a pen. Fold the bill and rub it against the pen "to gen..
Trick Or Treat By John Kennedy
  Make candy and gum pop into view like magic! Produce as many treats as you like. Give the..
Light Paddle By John Kennedy
  Imagine this: Show the Light Paddle on both sides. Suddenly a small bulb appears. Snap you..
Mind Power Deck By John Kennedy
  Spread a deck of cards face up on the table and ask a spectator to look at any card. No on..
Impossible Matrix By John Kennedy
Make three coins travel mysteriously one at a time underneath two playing cards. Each translocatio..