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Solari's Miser Miracle by Bob Solari - Trick

Supplied with a stainless steel mini coin pail, a giant size half dollar coin 3" in diameter and a n..


Pocketed by Bob Solari

A card is freely selected [no force] from a deck. This selected card is signed by the spectator. Thi..


Tranz Deck by Bob Solaris

Turn a playing card into a mini deck of cards, Cute routine and it's easy to do! ..


Peek a Boo Deck w/ DVD - Bicycle RED

Bob Solari's "Peek-A Boo" Deck Peek-A-Boo is the brainchild of magician, performer, t..


Improved Ultimate Brain Wave By Bob Solari

The performer places a blue backed card case on the table. The performer asks the spectator to merel..


INCREDIDECK by Bob Solari - Trick

Effect:Performer removes a deck from it's case. The cards are spread face up showing them to be quit..


Link Key By Bob Solari

Link key is one of the most visual solid through solid effects done with ordinary props. Performer..


Enigma Card By Bob Solari

Performer is seen holding 2 cards (example: the Ace of Spades and the Three of Hearts). These two ca..


Name That Card By Bob Solari

Ask a person to think of a card. Tell him you will name his card. He will not believe you. Name ..


Hell Bent By Bob Solari

Two keys are shown in your open hand one brass one silver. A spectator names one (brass); the othe..


Snow Blind by Bob Solari - Trick

Effect:Four-of-a-kind cards are shown and turned face down. The back of each cars is shown to have a..


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