The Trickery
The Trickery

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Beyond Okito

It's not a Slot Box. It's not an Okito Box. It's not a Boston Box. It will interface ni..


Solari: Live in your Living Room

From the simple, clever and very fragile mind of Bob Solari comes over 20 unique very commercial clo..


More with Les

"Some years ago Les performed an original dice and cards mentalism piece for some friends. They..


Bye George DVD

The Effect: Imagine showing a dollar bill on all sides. Your hands are totally clean - they may be d..



Effect 1: Imagine walking over to anyone anywhere and asking to borrow their empty water bottle. Hav..


Versa Paddle By The Trickery

The Versa~Paddle is truly the most versatile paddle you will own. Hand-made from Mahogany wood, it i..


Performers Pouch

Ideal for the street performer perfect for the restaurant worker or strolling magician you will love..


Stunner By Doug Edwards

An absolutely stunning card 3-phase card effect by Doug Edwards! A deck of cards is shown on both..


Five Card Knockout

Great close-up and NO SLEIGHTS! Show five cards. One is black the other four are red. Lay the five ..


Deja Vu

Explain that the audience is about to experience a demonstration of Deja Vu. Ten cards are counted a..


Crossing Over By Howard A Baltus

The Basic Plot... You have five cards; they have five cards. A mentally selected card from your pile..


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