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Card Artistry ( X-Ray - Brain Scan) by Justin Flom & Vanishing Inc - DVD

Justin Flom's "Card Artistry" is an unexpected revelation of a selected card in which the magician t..


Butter Coin Half Dollar, DVD

Imagine taking a SIGNED coin from a spectator and before their eyes, dropping it onto a glass-topped..


Built to Last (2 DVD set) by Doug Conn - DVD

Doug Conn is a book guy. If asked to do a DVD ten years ago, he may have started throwing punches. O..


Booked Beyond Belief by David Ginn - DVD

For 40 years now I've made my living fulltime in magic - by sending letters & flyers, calling client..


Bloom Moon by Gaetan Bloom - DVD

Includes original lecture network news and featuresHosted by Jeff HobsonIn-Depth explanationsSeven a..


Blood On The Tricks Vol. 2 (2 DVD Set) by Roger Curzon - DVD

Roger Curzon is one of the UK's real hidden treasures in card magic. A creative mind like no other, ..


Birthday Card by Wayne Dobson and JB Magic - DVD

If you love card at any number then look no further, Wayne has come up with the most commercial vers..


Big Four Poker Japanese version (English DVD and Japanese Gimmick) by Tom Dobrowolski and Big Blind Media - DVD

A self-working, powerhouse poker trick that plays HUGE!Tom Dobrowolski's BIG FOUR POKER is an absolu..



Using your psychic powers, make two 'brass' rings cling together. Spin the lower ring , then hand ev..


Basic Contact Juggling by Brian Erle & Will Roya - DVD

Learn the basics of contact juggling with professional Brian Erle. This hypnotic and meditative art ..


Bandito by Alex Pandrea - DVD

Fresh from the mind of Alex Pandrea comes Bandito - A visually stunning ring and rubberband routine ..


Baltresca's Sleeving by Rafael Baltresca - DVD

No gimmicksNo rubberbandsNo preparationAbsolutely nothing special, just you and your sleeves. In thi..


Balloon-gineering Vol. 2 by Diamond's Magic - DVD

Balloon Designs with a twist! Dynamic Interactive Cranial Decorations Volume 2 explores hat designs ..


Balloon-gineering Vol. 1 by Diamond's Magic - DVD

Balloon Designs with a twist! The Basics In the first volume of this video series, you will learn ev..


Balloon Sculpture Made Easy Hampton Ridge Volume 2 - DVD

Balloon sculpture is a fun and fascinating pastime. And best of all, it is easy to do!  Souvenirs ma..


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