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Legacy by Finn Jon and Luis de Matos - DVD
FINN JON IS A MASTER OF LEVITATION. No one knows more about levitating, animating or suspending ..
Premise & Premonition (4 DVD Set) by Luke Jermay and Vanishing Inc. - DVD
Luke Jermay is widely recognized as one of the most prolific and respected mentalists of our tim..
Justin Higham Full House by The Modus - DVD
Justin Higham has been performing, creating and thinking about magic for over 30 years. He is th..
David Roth Intermediate-Advanced Coin Magic - DVD
After mastering the material David teaches you on volumes 1 and 2 you are now ready for:David Roth's..
David Roth Basic-Intermediate Coin Magic - DVD
Now that you know the basics of Expert Coin Magic from DVD 1 you are now ready for:David Roth's Expe..
David Roth Basic Coin Magic - DVD
David Roth is the greatest coin manipulator in the entire world! Here is everything you need to..
Club 71 Volume Three by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD
The English Magazine Club 71 ran from 1970 to 2007 and was produced by Geoff Maltby the owner of Rep..
Hands Down by The Other Brothers - DVD
This is, quite simply, one of the best close-up mentalism effect we have seen in the last few ye..
Thinking Inside the Box by Kyle Purnell - DVD
For years, man has been desperately trying to break the mold, and think outside of the proverbia..
DAT Challenge Duplication by Jakob Smith - DVD
DAT Challenge Duplication is a Drawing Duplication from the young, creative and mature mind of J..
R.I.V. by Jeong-Seon Ahn - DVD
R.I.V contains nine two-handed cuts and one single card shot by a well-known cardist in South Korea,..
The Second Deal by Alex Pandrea and The Blue Crown - DVD
The Second Deal 2.0 is Alex Pandrea's refined interpretation of the second deal, one of the ..
Social Mind by Nefesch - DVD
You can perform SocialMind with: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, ETC. Social-Mind a.k.a. Mental..
I.D.D. by Chris Rawlins - DVD
Chris Rawlins is back with an offbeat and amazing solution to the classic drawing duplication. As in..
Eclectica by John Carey and RSVP
John Carey is back with a brand new collection of powerful and practical card and close up magic. St..