Thumb Tips

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Third Hand Gimmick

In this set, you get both a left and right Gimmick Hands to perform some amazing stage and parlor ..


30 Tricks & Tips-Thumbtip DVD

30 Tricks & Tips-Thumbtip DVD ..


Junior Reality Thumbtip

The same look and feel of the original, but made for the smaller hands of younger magicians. Some ..


Thumb Tip Magnetic - Vernet

EFFECT: The performer shows two standard teaspoons. He rubs the handle of one of the spoons on his s..


Thumb Tip King Size - Vernet

These king-sized thumb tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines..


Thumb Tip - Vernet

This is the classic one, the world famous Vernet Thumb Tip.   This is one of the most utilit..


Sixth Finger - Vernet

An extra finger that fits between your other fingers. Large load capacitiy. ..


Finger Tip Set (2007) by Vernet - Trick

Vernet Thumb Tips and any of Vernet Finger Tips, have a lot of possibilities: They are useful for pr..


Finger Tip by Vernet - Trick

With this finger you can perform all the tricks done with the Thumb Tip but you can also fool the pe..


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