Thumb Tips

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Third Hand Gimmick
In this set, you get both a left and right Gimmick Hands to perform some amazing stage and parlor ..
Junior Reality Thumbtip
The same look and feel of the original, but made for the smaller hands of younger magicians. Some ..
Finger Tip - Vernet
This is one of the finest Finger Tip gimmicks that a magician can own. It is extremely realistic in ..
Finger Tip Set by Vernet
Finger Tip Setby VernetVernet Thumb Tips and any of Vernet Finger Tips, have a lot of possibilities:..
Sixth Finger - Vernet
An extra finger that fits between your other fingers. Large load capacitiy. ..
Thumb Tip - Vernet
This is the classic one, the world famous Vernet Thumb Tip.   This is one of the most utilit..
Thumb Tip King Size - Vernet
These king-sized thumb tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines..
Thumb Tip Magnetic - Vernet
EFFECT: The performer shows two standard teaspoons. He rubs the handle of one of the spoons on his s..