Vanish Magazine Issue 3 By Paul Romhany FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Vanish Magazine Issue 3 By Paul Romhany FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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This is very exciting. This issue is a HUGE 160 pages!!! The feature artist is mentalist and author Richard Webster. Richard has sold over more than 10 million books and is considered one of the best psychic entertainers in the world. He writes for both lay people and magicians and mentalists. He gave up some fantastic ideas on how to make money in this day and age and anybody who is creative enough should take his ideas and run with them.

Please share it with every magician you know around the world. We are looking at developing it so the links are live on iPhones and Androids. I'm still doing research in to this.

VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE 3 - FREE International Magic Magazine MEGA ISSUE!!!

160 pages of articles, tricks and essays from all around the world, and it's ALL FREE!!

This MEGA ISSUE is a celebration of over 60,000 downloads for our last issue - it looks as though we'll be reaching our target of 100,000 downloads before the year is out!!

The magazine has articles on all types of our business from street, kids parties, mentalism, close-up, illusions and loads of essays on the business side of magic. It's all FREE and we have reached over 60,000 magicians around the world. My aim is to get up to 100,000 downloads

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