Magic Tao's Weekly Magazine EP 83

on 24 Jun 2016

We have some interesting material for you on this week's Magic Tao Magic Magazine.  For those of you interested in numbers, this week we're on Episode 66.

As usual, Costas and Chris will give something new 'The Once Over' - This week it's 'Fractalicious' by John Bannon..

This week's 'Blast from the past' is 'Pearl Poddle' by Magic Smith.  With so many new tricks and effects being released it's easy to forget all the good stuff that's gone before.  That's where we come in and we'll share our thoughts on an oldie, but a goodie.  

Other bits and bobs continues to be exactly that.
Weekly Magazine is a work in progress; it's likely to change over time.  What won't change is that nothing is done for effect - Magic Tao's Weekly Magazine is 100% genuine, it's Costas and Chris's view of the magic world.